Nature inspires us to create the most unbelievably natural drink on the planet.

We’ve grown to believe that electric colours and tantalizing flavours are artificial. Our kombucha is a conscious indulgence. Its signature, oddly delicious flavours and vibrant colours are 100% brought to you by the one and only, the mother of all mothers.

We challenge ourselves to make the most delightful drink, unexpectedly made from goodness so people can enjoy a drink that tastes as good as it makes you feel.




Our bubbles burst with flavour because we’re passionate about our craft. Building complex and accessible flavours that also spark joy takes skill, and our R&D team are masters. Our Lychee & Jasmine flavour grew out of a desire to create a soft, delicate drink with exotic flavours.

Jackfruit and oolong give the brew a refreshing kick with an unforgettable fruity scent that’ll take you back to the playground but it’s the pea flower that sets it apart. Grown in South Asia, and only available a few times a year, it’s the pea flower that transforms the colour of the drink from blue to electric purple, giving the brew a vivid colour to match its vibrant flavour.

Like the best sommelier, our team pairs ingredients to bring out the magic and subtlety of each, creating rich, complex flavours that are all natural and full of wonder. Finding the perfect balance of these flavours, however, is key to creating the perfect RISE brew.

The bright citrus from the fresh Valencia oranges mixed perfectly with turmeric’s spicy undertones, but it was the addition of the floral, herbal oolong tea – a first for our brews – and fresh pressed carrot juice that really brought the flavour together. The carrots also give the brew its vibrant, super-charge colour which our team loves. A few final touches of ginger and lavender and our Orange & Turmeric was transformed into a powerhouse of perfection.

Tasted and tested till it's unbelievably good.

When it comes to creating the most natural drink on the planet, we’re proudly obsessive. Each recipe goes through rounds of development and taste tests, till it’s delightfully delicious and distinctly RISE. Kombucha is about letting nature do its thing, and our process makes sure the taste is perfect every step of the way.

Pea flower was the ideal, mind-blowing addition to Lychee & Jasmine, but figuring out the exact amount needed for that electric purple? Tricky. Orange & Turmeric was energetic but too simple. It took 11 versions — plus floral touches and sweet vanilla — to get this flavour just right. But every moment of fermentation, every molecular shift is what makes it so unbelievably good.